Claiming a [tiny] Space of my Own – Finally



Over the course of my life I haven’t had many opportunities to live by myself—for myself. First, of course, I lived with my birth family, after which came college and roommates (most of whom were dreadful, with a couple of rare exceptions). A second round of roommates followed graduation; after all, who could afford to live alone? And after that? Well, after that came marriage and motherhood.

So it’s odd, and not what I had envisioned at this point in my journey, to find myself starting over alone (the kids are grown, off ‘adulting’—or not—in college), with a unique opportunity to claim my own space, such as it is.

IMG_2688Right now that space is an old rundown boathouse, full of random junk, various small creatures that have taken up residence over the years, and lots and lots of spiders. My plan? Well, I’d like to turn this boathouse into a tiny home for me and my two dogs—so I guess I still won’t be living completely alone.

I am just beginning the process of securing permits. Who knew changes in septic requirements and allowable square footage of an additional residence on a property would become potential stumbling blocks? But I will not be deterred.

I hope you will follow along as I attempt to create a much needed room of my own. If you have tiny home or renovation experience, please feel free to comment with advice! I’m sure I will be seeking all the help I can get.

Stay tuned as my tiny house by the lake takes shape!

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