Capturing Life Through A New Lens



I began taking photos when I stumbled across an old 35 mm camera in a closet. It happened to be at a time in my life that I was experiencing much change—many endings—without a clear sense of how to begin again. Amid the chaos of relocating, leaving my community, changing jobs, renovating a property, and dealing with significant health issues, I turned to photography as my means to quiet all of that noise.

Photography allows me to be present in a way that nothing else does. I took the photos I am using in this post a few days ago. When I caught a glimpse of this osprey after believing that they had all begun their migration, it was such a gift to stop and watch it soar, and then sit on the beach as it perched in the tree above—simply enjoying its presence—knowing I won’t see these gorgeous birds again until late next spring.

The symptoms of my current health condition often cause me to lose my balance and experience extreme fatigue. Photography provides significant relief. I find myself lost in the moment, surrounded by the stunning beauty of this planet, and I am no longer focused on myself and my own issues. These moments also allow me momentary respite from the pain being felt across the globe right now. While it is important to be aware and involved, and to help however I can, world events can also be overwhelming. Stepping away from them to assure myself that there is still beauty in this world helps me remain grounded. It also helps me to heal.



We all need joy—wherever or however we can find it. My hope is that the moments I capture with my lens will provide some joy, or calm, or beauty, or humor for you. I have started a website that features my photography called Loving Life By The Lake ( Here you will find my lifestyle blog along with a photography store, where I have some of my favorite images for sale as digital downloads.

So if you are looking for an image to add to some of your own social media work, or just a new desktop image to make you smile, I hope you will take time to check out the photos I have available. I am also offering just a few of my favorite images for sale as prints. I only have a couple of sizes available at the moment. Since printing quality photos is expensive, I want to see how that goes before committing to offering additional prints. I will continue to add photos in the weeks and months ahead, so I hope you will check back often to view the new images available.

I am grateful for your support as I begin this new creative endeavor, and I welcome your feedback at any time.

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